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Slow down, partner!

It’s a fast world. The business world is an even faster one. The Internet is even faster. I don’t want to say we’ve all turned into robots, but when did everyone stop taking time to smell the roses? I live life fairly stress-free. Now mind you, I work I’m always broke but work two jobs and go to school full-time (17 credit hours). I’m going to graduate in a few months and I don’t really know what’s going to happen after that. My friends always say that they can’t understand how I’m so carefree and without stress.

We all have stress. I just take the time for myself every day and smell those pretty roses.

The folks at Dow Chemical, the largest chemical maker in the U.S. by sales, should probably slow their roll a little bit. Dow Chemical was going to announce major company restructuring and layoffs today, along with its third-quarter earnings.

Instead, a draft of the restructuring press release was sent to Bloomberg News on Tuesday night. Dow plans to cut 2,400 jobs and close 20 manufacturing plants for a $500 million saving even though the third-quarter earnings report beat analysts’ predictions. The company then had to release its earnings statement early.

Dow Chemical made the right decision to release both pieces of information on the same day. If the company had ignored the mistake and still waited until today to release its earnings, what would’ve happened to its stock prices on Wednesday? Dow’s stock prices actually increased as a result of the restructuring news.

Kudos to Dow Chemical. It’s not every day an announcement like that will end with rising stock prices. Dow did not go into panic mode, or try to back-track or stick to its scheduled release date. The company rolled with the punches and turned out fine.

The Surgeon General is suggesting chill pills for a large amount of the U.S. population. We make silly mistakes when we’re in a rush. I’m not naïve; I’ve been in plenty of chaotic situations, and I too, have rushed (gasp!).

All I am saying is: calm down and slow down. Panic causes more chaos, which can lead to mistakes. Do not let a few bumps in the road make you forget life’s little victories. For instance, today was busier than my usual Thursday. It’s a beautiful summer day in October (all of which I spent indoors and not enjoying). Of course, I got called into work tonight and a new bar in downtown Kent is opening, too. And it’s Halloween weekend! Not to mention all of the homework I need to complete before Saturday’s festivities. A bunch of little things added up to irritate and stress me out all day.

But, it’s a beautiful summer day at the end of October. I received word that one of my good friends is now in recovery after a car accident left him with serious brain injuries. I got to drive with my sunroof open all day and walk around in short sleeves. Those were my little victories today.