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Armstrong Still Falling From Grace

Lance Armstrong is was one of the most inspiring and well-known athletes of our time. He won seven Tour De France titles, fought and won a battle against testicular cancer and created the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation to raise money for cancer research. Armstrong was proudly endorsed by Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Honey Stinger and more.

His fan base was in the millions. Now, it seems there is no love to be found for this man after he was banned for life from cycling and stripped of his seven Tour De France wins for illegal doping. Armstrong has fought claims against him for years for doping, but there was never sufficient evidence. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency finally revealed the truth in early October, and Armstrong has been falling from grace ever since.  A total of 26 people, 11 of his own former teammates, accused him of doping in the 200 page document.

Nike dropped him, Anheuser-Busch cut ties, as well as Honey Stinger, a Colorado company marketing energy food. Armstrong had to step down as chairman from his own cancer research foundation, but could still be involved with Livestrong events.

The foundation has announced that it will officially drop Lance Armstrong’s name from the title to add a little more salt to his fraudulent wounds.

From what I hear, a leopard’s spots never change. A cheater is a cheater. His endorsers really had no choice but to drop Armstrong. What does it say to customers if he was still sponsored by Nike? It is not all right to lie to every one for more than ten years, especially when you are an influential public figure who a ton of people admire.

It would be wrong to say Armstrong has done nothing for cancer research and discredit his efforts in that aspect. He did fight and win a battle with cancer. He did create a foundation that has generated millions of dollars toward cancer research. But the millions of dollars he’s raised for the foundation came from his false image.

Is Livestrong successful because of Lance Armstrong? His name certainly made the brand more popular and easy to market. Will the foundation crumble without its shamed creator?

The livestrong brand and foundation is still living strong through this scandal. Donations are actually up 15 percent since the USADA released its evidence against Armstrong.

Was it necessary to remove his name from his own foundation?

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